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To best meet your needs, Roses Ducher offers a selection of fragrant roses in container.

Our roses are in 5.5 liter container filled with a soil mix perfectly adapted to their growth. Therefore, they will give you full satisfaction. They are shipped in a packaging specially designed for them.

All our roses in container are grafted on Rosa laxa, which is rare! This will allow you to plant our roses in all types of soil, even the most limestone. They will also be very resistant to drought. Finally, you can plant during the entire spring and summer, even in mountainous area.

Please note…

Roses in container are only shipped to Metropolitan France. If you are abroad and consider buying rose(s) in container, please contact us.


Bare roots roses are ready to be shipped, you can place your order ,we have daily departures from Monday to Friday .

Please avoid to choose a Point Relais delivery till December 1 st 2020. 

Deliveries to Belgium are temporarily   suspended.

Transit time to European Countries is  longer than 48 hrs . 

Showing 1 - 87 of 87 items
Showing 1 - 87 of 87 items