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To best meet your needs, Roses Ducher offers a selection of fragrant roses in container.

Our roses are in 5.5 liter container filled with a soil mix perfectly adapted to their growth. Therefore, they will give you full satisfaction. They are shipped in a packaging specially designed for them.

All our roses in container are grafted on Rosa laxa, which is rare! This will allow you to plant our roses in all types of soil, even the most limestone. They will also be very resistant to drought. Finally, you can plant during the entire spring and summer, even in mountainous area.

Please note…

Roses in container are only shipped to Metropolitan France. If you are abroad and consider buying rose(s) in container, please contact us.


In our selection of roses in containers, you will find the shrub roses first (from 'Alphonse Lamartine' to 'Yvonne Rabier'). Climbing roses are at the bottom of the page (from 'Aimée Vibert' to 'Zéphirine Drouin').

Exhibitions schedule Spring 2020
You can meet us at :

Saint Priest (69)
March 28/29 2020

Lac D'Aiguebelette (73)
April 4/5 2020

La Ferté (71)
April 18/19 2020

Schoppenwihr (68)
May 2/3 2020

Les jardins d'Albertas in Bouc bel air (13)
May 22 to 24 2020

If you are looking for a special rose variety, do not hesitate to contact us ,we can bring it to you on the exhibition.

Bare root roses

Our roses, grafted on Rosa laxa, are suitable for limestone soils.

By planting our bare root roses now, you will have flowers this spring.

Please note that for any order over 5 bare root roses, a rose of our choice will be offered.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items