Shrub rose Rose de Rescht

  • Family : Damask rose.
  • Flower : fuchsia, double, medium-size.
  • Fragance : + + +.
  • Blooming : repeat blooming
  • Height : 0,9 to 1,2 m.

" Rose de Rescht" is cultivated in Iran under the name " Gul e Reschti" in the province of Gilan along the Caspian Sea. It has been growing there for centuries and is undoubtedly one  of the roses featured in Saadi's poems.

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Our roses are grafted on a rootstock suited to even the most calcareous soils.

More info

Rose de Rescht is a damascena rose very fragrant. The rose has a full of petals and it is very easy to care. If you don't know well the antic roses, Rose de Rescht is a variety you should try. The bush is healthy blooms in flush throughout the season. 

Rose de Rescht is very cold resistant. It has been found in the city of Rescht in Iran.

The " Rose de Rescht" produced at Roseraie Ducher are grafted on "rosa Laxa", making them highly resistant to dryness and limestone. 

It is important to water them well the first year in your garden.


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