Shrub musk rose of Chile

  • Breeder : botanicol rose
  • Flower : white
  • Fragance : + + +.
  • Blooming : très remontante. cynorrhodons à l'automne .
  • Height : 1,5 m
  • Hardiness : hardy rose

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Our roses are grafted on a rootstock suited to even the most calcareous soils.

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We are mostly aware of the extraordinary virtues of rose hip oil derived from its fruits, but we rarely see the rose in our gardens. It is a beautiful shrub with an erect habit and beautiful curved branches. Rustic, the Chilean rosehip bush adapts to various situations and exposures. The Chilean rosebush can withstand the coldest temperatures up to the strong heat of the summer. The shrub requires little maintenance. In May, it is covered with a myriad of small light rose roses with pink edges that evoke the fresh and sweet smell of spring evenings. The Chilean musk rose has many other secrets and it is the smell of its leaves that will surprise you the most. Indeed, its very numerous leaves, of a magnificent light green color, give off a very pronounced smell of Reinette apple. After the bloom, do not cut the flowers because they will give hips so rich in vitamins E, K and C. These last ones will make the happiness of the birds or the greedy ones if they are used to make jam. It is the small seeds (achenes) which are inside that are pressed to give the precious oil of rose hip of Chile so rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidant virtues. The shrub can grow between 1,20 and 3 meters and supports well the pruning. 


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