Shrub rose Iceberg

  • Breeder : Kordes in 1958.
  • Family : Polyantha rosier.
  • Flower : white, semi-double.
  • Fragance : +.
  • Blooming : continuous.
  • Height : 1,2 m.

The Iceberg shrub rose is a very popular variety of rose, grown in many gardens around the world. Its single or semi-double white flowers sometimes give off a light, sweet fragrance.

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Our roses are grafted on a rootstock suited to even the most calcareous soils.

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This shrub rose is compact and vigorous, generally reaching a height of around 90 to 120 centimetres. It produces abundant flower clusters from spring to autumn, offering a long blooming period. Easy to care for, it prefers sunny exposure and well-drained soil.


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