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Currently shipping bare root roses, you will find in this page only roses that can not be shipped in bare roots!


Please note…

Online, roses in container are proposed for Metropolitan France only. If you are abroad and consider buying rose(s) in container, please contact us.

Please note...

Roses in containers

Roses in containers are available (5.5 litres containers). They are only shipped to France until October 2019.

Bare root roses

Shipping of bare root roses is over. It will resume by the end of October 2019.

You can already pre-order your bare root roses. They will be shipped by the end of October 2019.

Rose water - Rose Hydrosol

Bottles of our natural Rose Water (Rose Hydrosol), are still available. Discover all the benefits of rose water in the Rose Water section.

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Showing 1 - 76 of 76 items
Showing 1 - 76 of 76 items