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Perfume is an important factor in the attraction we have for roses, therefore you will find in this page a selection of our highly fragrant roses.

Since the Ancient time, rose has always been synonymous of perfume. Fruity, spicy or subtile, it contributes to the temper of the Queen of the flowers. Since, it is difficult to illustrate perfume, this page presents you a list of roses that does not pretend to be complete but rather a guide for the selection of scented roses.

Depending on the season, our highly fragrant roses are available as bare root and/or potted. Bare root roses can be ordered throughout the year, but are only shipped during the dormancy period, that is to say from late October to early April. The precise dates of shipments can vary from year to year.

Other important informations:

  • All our shipments are made by Colissimo,
  • Some varieties, multiplied in small quantities, are not in this list. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the rose of your choice.

Please note…

It's time to plant your bare root roses. We put all our know-how at your service to offer you the most beautiful plants of our production.
All our roses are grafted on Rosa laxa (adapted to all soils). The roses are torn out, packed in an airtight bag and shipped directly to your home. We do not practice storage in a cold room.
For all orders over 5 bare root roses, a bare root rose of our choice will be offered.

Roses in container

We are still shipping bare root roses, but, with spring coming, we also offer


Showing 1 - 61 of 61 items
Showing 1 - 61 of 61 items